We offer you from Goal Makers “ Social Media Management Service”, meaning we manage your company’s online presence on all social networking sites.

Key features and benefits

  • We create a calendar to organize your posts which will influence customers to buy or request the services you provide.
  • There is no doubt that a distinguished digital presence on social networking sites “Social Media” is something of great importance in the marketing process.
  • It is certain that the largest percentage of users rely on social media to search and access the information they need about the products or services they are looking for, and on the basis of which they make the purchase decision.
  • In the social media management service provided by Goal Makers, we manage your accounts on social media platforms and work to increase brand awareness and ensure that the targeted audience is reached.
  • We create and publish distinguished content, whether it is posts or tweets, in proportion to the targeted audience, in order to increase interaction with social media accounts and increase the number of followers.
  • We also interact and respond to the followers, whether with replies or private messages, quickly and professionally, throughout the day and throughout the week.
  • The service includes making professional and distinctive designs for the services or products that you sell, in order to show the most important features offered by your company, which encourages customers to buy, and these designs have a great impact on increasing the number of followers.
  • We constantly inform customers of the most important additions and special offers, because the customer does not constantly log in to the official website, as we, in the social media management service, make sure that the customer always has all the news and information that we seek to communicate to them.