Drop shipping is a type of online commerce or e-commerce, in which you create an online store and sell through it without the need to own any inventory.

Key features and benefits

  • Where the manufacturer or wholesaler manages the entire sales process with the customer and delivers the product on your behalf
  • In dropshipping, you do not have to keep any inventory that you have, but as soon as the buyer places a purchase order from one of the products offered in the online store.
  • Your store makes a purchase order automatically from a third party (factory, wholesaler, or wherever you buy from), and the third party ships the product directly to the customer.
  • In this way, you work as an intermediary, selling products in your store (a virtual online store), adding the percentage of profits you want through your store, and when a purchase order is added, your store makes a purchase order automatically to the Drop Shipping company at the basic price of the product.
  • This can be implemented through many famous commercial platforms, such as Ali Express and the Turkish Kanawat website, to be prepared and shipped to the customer.
  • We at Goal Makers can provide you with suppliers from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well.