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Key features and benefits

  • Motion graphic videos can be considered one of the best means of building an online presence and increasing potential customers’ awareness of your brand.
  • It is certain that the use of video graphics in marketing is one of the most powerful and best marketing tools in our time.
  • This is because visual content has a stronger and more lasting impact than audio or written content. In short, visual content is what gets stuck into a person’s memory.
  • This is because of the animation, the attractive content, and the music that stirs the emotions of those who watch it, which is an ideal basis for any successful marketing campaign.
  • We at Goal Makers have a distinguished team with great experience in the motion video-creating industry, and we will create any motion graphic video that you request with high professionalism and any content that you require.
  • It is an established fact that the largest percentage of Internet users prefer watching videos, especially motion graphic videos, rather than reading written content. This means reaching a larger percentage of potential customers and influencing them positively with regard to what you are selling, whether it is a product or a service.
  • One minute of motion graphic video is equivalent to 1.8 million words when it comes to communicating the advertising message.
  • The use of video motion graphics in marketing means that the advertising message is fixed in the mind of those who view it. Some studies have shown that after three days, people will remember 65% of the video content, while only 20% will remember the text content.
  • Some Studies has also shown that interaction with content that is presented through motion graphic videos is greater in social media. Also, the percentage of the probability of sharing the video is much greater than the probability of sharing the written content.