Identity or visual identity is the general personality of the site that you display to customers who purchase your products or use your services on your site or store. In the sense that it is a visual aspect that reflects the overall look of your company. Also, the identity, if it is used and implemented correctly, there will be an invisible relationship between your site or your brand and customers, so that if any product you sell or service you provide is mentioned, the first thing that jumps into the mind of the customer is your site.

Key features and benefits

  • We at Goal Makers have a lot of experience and professionalism that we employ well in designing and creating an identity suitable for you and your site.
  • Emphasize your uniqueness and difference in the field in which you work and consolidate this idea in the minds of customers.
  • Work to increase awareness of your brand and commercial activity, which will have a positive impact on increasing sales, also studies have shown that the largest percentage of the public prefers to buy through companies with a brand known to them or heard about before.
  • There is no doubt that what customers remember most is the general form or commercial identity of your company. They may not remember the logo of your website, but they will undoubtedly remember the general form and identity that you provide through your site.
  • Working on creating a distinctive identity for your site would emphasize your distinction from the rest of the competitors and clarify the idea that the store owner is not a beginner but a serious person who is familiar with the rules of online business.